Pack : Bitutainer


The Bitutainers are suitable for the transportation of bulk bitumen by rail, road and shipsthroughout the world. All materials used in the construction shall withstand extremes of temperaturerange from -20°C to 230°C without effecting on the strength of the container.

The Bitutainers inside shall be fitted with two pairs of heating pipes running from rear to front and back to rear with exhaust at the top. Heating pipes are fastened by “U” bolts. Diameter of heating pipes is 219mm (at flame area) and 159mm (at other area). Two diesel burners installed at the inlet of each heating pipe will carry out heating.


  •  30 % more carrying capacity compared to regular tank containers
  •  High-performance factory fitted heating tubes
  •  High value factory-installed insulation
  •  Ships as a standard 20ft ISO container with Lloyds approval
  •  Robust and durable pressed corten steel outer skin
  •  Great for temporary or long-term storage applications
  •  Quality of bitumen remain without any change
  •  Lessloss in heathy
  •  Less Freight cost compare to drums


Heating equipment required:

  •  Quick Fit Diesel Burners Set
  •  Stainless Steel Flame Liners