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PT. Atlas Jaya Nusantara has been established in Indonesia. Atlas Jaya Nusantara carries important objectives in & Indonesia which are supporting the customers with high quality products in two different packaging including: drums and bulk.



Atlas Jaya vision is to get a proper place in the market and satisfy its customer in southeast Asia as a subordinately of Atlas Commerce & Energy.


The missions of Atlas Jaya Nusantara is to provide different grades of bitumen with the highest quality and suitable/ competitive price. meet the construction companies needs is the most important task for Atlas Jaya Nusantara and make. the customers and stockholders satisfy.

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Atlas Jaya bitumen is known for its high and consistent product quality. Bitumen is a semi-solid hydrocarbon product produced from refining crude but also occurs naturally. It is often referred to as asphalt and the terms are commonly used interchangeably; however, bitumen is the black oil product while asphalt is a combination of bitumen and aggregate stone. It is a very heavy, viscous material, is highly resistant to water and to environmental factors, and requires storage and transportation at very high temperatures.    

Projects & Customers

PT. Atlas Jaya Nusantara with many years of experience in the supply and trading of bitumen products have extensive worldwide contacts with shipping companies, terminal operators and customers. Our highly skilled team give their best to your job. They will work with you to help reduce your costs and risks with exclusive solution addressing your issue. We can offer share our experience on many aspects of bitumen sales and marketing such as custom-built products to customers’ needs, pricing, contract terms and negotiation.


Bulk Fleet

Our company provide bulk bitumen which is required by so many end users in the market. our bulk fleet makes us distinct from the others and give customer a great option which is carrying bulk cargo with the highest quality available in the market. Likewise; there some factors which can affected bulk bitumen price such as capacity of the bulk vessel, distance, and exchange rate before the bulk vessel’s arrival to the Persian Gulf. one of the important parts of providing bulk cargo is documenting service. Our team based on the experience of exporting bulk bitumen provide those documents which is important for client in order to release the bitumen from the customs.

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Bitumen Laboratory is well equipped with the latest technology to provide testing facilities in order to provide bitumen which face the exact needs of road projects. The Atlas commerce laboratory provides a wide range of necessary testing required in assessing the quality of Penetration Grade Bitumen,Viscosity Grade,Cutback Bitumen, AC grade and Bitumen Emulsion for the road construction.  the final result of responsibility and accountability of our staff in laboratory is high quality products which are based on latest standards such as ASTM and BS EN.


In case of any deviation from the specifications and criteria, the proper action will be taken immediately, and the reports will be promptly released to promote the quality and to decrease the production costs